About us

 We Are
  • A a social networking platform created by patients for patients.
  • Open, impartial and a potentially powerful source of knowledge.
  • An IBD community providing our members a platform and open forum to interact.

Our Philosophy
  • Nobody needs to suffer alone.
  • IBD4friends is the peoples voice for Inflamatory Bowel Disease.
  • Arm yourself with the latest knowledge.
  • Re-energise yourself and enhance your outlook on life
  • Find people who can relate to your problems and empathaise with you.

What We Do
  • Provide a place for IBD groups and people to interact and engage.
  • Contribute and share information relating to the challenges of living & coping with IBD.
  • Provide a forum to discuss and share any IBD issues with likeminded others.

Community: Aims and Objectives
  • To foster a positive environment where people can help, encourage and support each other.
  • To encourage self-management and a pro-active approach coping with IBD.
  • To encourage people to interact and share their IBD experience and knowledge.
  • To help disseminate the latest information and news about IBD.
  • To build relationships and foster IBD communities and friendships
  • To help unite the world of IBD as we know it.


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