How To Reduce Inflammation

Reducing Inflammation is key and fundamental to improving one’s lifestyle and general wellbeing. To assist with reducing the severity and frequency of symptoms /flare up’s involves adopting and adjusting ones, lifestyle, diet and emotional wellbeing to provide the best platform

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Support Groups

A number of established and comprehensive support groups who can further help you and your loved ones, are as follows :- 1. NACC – National Assocaition of Crohns & Colitis UK 2. CCFA – Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America 3.

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Click below or additional information on the following categories:- 1. Taking Control of your IBD – Self-Management 2. Ostomates  – The UK support Network &  United Ostomy Associations of America 3. Teens & IBD - IBD U 4. Ulcerative Colitis – Healthline 5. Crohn’s

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It is important you learn all you can about your condition and your body. How it reacts to certain situations, foods and what role your own lifestyle and emotional factors has on your illness. Learning how to self-manage is a necessary

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