It is important you learn all you can about your condition and your body. How it reacts to certain situations, foods and what role your own lifestyle and emotional factors has on your illness.

Learning how to self-manage is a necessary step in assisting with reducing the frequency and severity of your flare-up’s. Suffice to say there is some very helpful information to assist you adopting self-help techniques.

Click on the links to see a comprehensive insight into how one particular group, The Alliance,  have adopted  ‘My Condition, My Terms, My Life’  in order to demonstrate just how to self-manage long term chronic conditions:-

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  1. IBD4Friends says:

    IBD & Self Management.

    Understanding your body, what it copes with, what it reacts to and looking at your overall lifestyle, is of paramount importance to the longer term management of your IBD.
    IBD can be very subjective and learning as much about you and your body, ultimately will put you on the right track. Find out what triggers a flare for you and taking the necessary steps to avoid or minimise such. There are two fundemental issues:

    1. How to get into remission
    2. How to stay in remission

    I was diagnosed as steroid dependant with chronic LHS Ulcerative Colitis. My mid-twenties and early thirties were decimated by the illness culminating in being hospitalised and faced with an operation and second opinions from doctors. Finally I realised I must take a degree of control and do everything possible to achieve good health. 10-12 years later I am virtually medication free(whilst in remission) and able to control and manage my IBD successfully without the flare-ups of old!

    There are a a number of self-help steps to assist with maintaining remission such as changes as altering your diet and supplementing with some natural remedies alongside your prescribed meds. This together with a good colon maintenance program really can make the difference.
    Good luck, stay positive (no matter how difficult), keeping fighting and remember get a good support network around you including family and friends who are willing to comfort and support you unconditionally

  2. IBD4Friends says:

    Bowel Health – Did You Know?

    70-80% percent of our immune system cells line the gastrointestinal tract, creating a protective, impermeable barrier. Damage by unhealthy bacteria, viruses, parasites, alcohol, caffeine, excess sugar, anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, as well as many food substances (of which we are unaware), will activate the stress and immune response mechanisms in the body.

    How to Fix Your Gut: 7 Steps to Intestinal Health

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